12V portable pizza oven: stupidest gadget ever created? | Rpmgo.com

I’ve been looking at this “product” for about 5 minutes and I still can’t think of a way this 12V portable oven could be useful in any way, except for setting your car on fire or getting yourself involved in a crash. So, who the hell cooks while driving? I assume no one. Then it must the passenger who does the cooking, right? But why? I mean, how much in a hurry can you be not to stop for a few minutes somewhere and get something decent to eat? The only real use I can find for this is when you go camping and you can use it to quickly cook something to eat. Still, I think this is one of the worst ways you can spend $36, because this is how much this costs and you can find it on Stupidiotic.

[Source: Stupidiotic / Via Jalopnik]

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