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This epic 1:4 scale R/C model truck is the work of Bordin Luca from Italy and it all started when he saw a man who was driving a model truck on a web video. Luca is a huge fan of American trucks and he loves the Peterbilt 359 so he decided to make one for himself.

He first manufactured the cabin from lightweight fiberglass while using a wooden frame. After that, he got some plastic which he polished in such a way so that it looks similar to chrome. His next step was to take two 1.5 mm thick steel pipes for creating the sturdy frame that is able to withstand heavy weights.

For powering this R/C truck he installed a 750 Watt 36-volt electric motor that motivates the back twin wheels through a sprocket-drive chain. This awesome truck measures 2.10 meters long and weighs an impressive 180 kg, which is almost 400 pounds. Probably the most interesting thing about it would have to be that it’s fully capable of pulling a Ford Mondeo Wagon with no effort whatsoever.

The electric motor generates a lot of torque but it isn’t as impressive in the sound department. However, Luca fixed this issue by installing a Tamiya sound model that imitates the sounds that trucks make. To make the sound even louder and more realistic, he also installed an audio amplifier along with two coaxial speakers. Other than that, this R/C model truck comes with a two-tone horn plus a smoke-making device for the exhaust pipes.

The entire process took 9 months and Luca doesn’t want to stop here as his plans are to build a trailer for this truck that measures a whopping 5 meters.

Source: www.peterbilt359rc.it

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