150 Dodge Chargers for the Kuwaiti police Rpmgo.com

The Kuwaiti Police sure have some troubles with all those rich guys running around in powerful cars evading their cars all the time, so they decided to order a new model of police cars, something sensitive like the Dodge Charger (!), and quite a few, only 150. Chrysler did go all the way to convince their Deputy Ministry of Interior, Musaed S. Al-Guwainem, who was taken to the central headquarters of Chrysler in Michigan, where a demonstration of a full police-spec Charger was given to him, convincing him that it was the right choice.

And it sure worked, the minister puttin immediately an order for 150 cars, and declaring that “Reflecting an image of strength and power is important for our law enforcement officials and the Dodge Charger portrays this image to the Kuwaiti people“. What better way to discourage the bad guys than chasing after them with a big american muscle car. After they are specially fitted with police accesories, the cars will be delivered and policemen from Kuwait will definitely be happy for them.

Source: AutoBlog

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