$150 million campaign for the 2008 Chevrolet Malibu – rpmGo.com

Yes, you’ve read right. The advertising campaign for the 2008 Chevrolet Malibu, called “The Car You Can’t Ignore” will cost around $150 million. According to Advertising Age, the campaign will have three stages: the first one already started, with a massive online blitz of Web portal ads(which GM hopes will send at least 5 million viewers every day), plus nationwide billboards, print ads, building wraps and TV spots.

The second stage, called “Reveal” will try to use positive review to generate a good impression and buyers’ interest. About the last stage, the third one, Chevrolet didn’t say much, except that it would involve national TV spots. All these efforts are meant to bring back the buyers to the American cars, which lately were put in a shadow cone by Toyota.

Stay tuned because we also got an invitation to drive the 2008 Chevy Malibu, in Santa Monica, and we’ll be there to test it and share with you what we experienced. Meanwhile, check out this video of Bob Lutz, Chairman of GM North America, presenting the Chevy Malibu, after the jump.

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