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The Chevrolet brand is well known by car collectors and enthusiasts. Even if you think about the past or the present the cars manufactured by General Motors are always exquisite. But the 1936 Chevrolet is a good example of the past.

The standard and the Master DeLuxe version of the 1936 Chevrolet are both exquisite and impressive. In that period of time the 1936 Chevrolet (both versions) was on the first place when it came to sales overcoming Ford’s sales. Chevrolet manufactured 220,000 Standard Chevrolets and 280,000 Master DeLuxe cars in all its versions: town sedan, cabriolet, couch or coupe. If in 1936 the most expensive four doors five passengers Sport Sedan from Chevrolet used to be sold for $665, nowadays, in 2010, a 1936 Master DeLuxe was sold for $18,500.

This car is equipped with a 79 horsepower engine with six cylinders (just like its predecessor from 1935) and a 3 speed gearbox. Both models had a seamless steel Turret-Top body and their weight was heavier than the weight of the Chevrolet built in 1935. The dimension of the wheelbase was 109 inches for the standard model and 4 inches longer for the Master DeLuxe version. Moreover, the 1936 Chevrolet was equipped with a single barrel Rochester and a fuel tank that had a 14 gallons capacity.

The 1936 Chevrolet used hydraulic brakes for both models with separate mechanical emergency brakes, but the standard car had a new box-girder frame, much stronger and lighter. When it comes to the wheels both versions had 17 inches wheels manufactured from steel. An exclusive option was the Knee-Action front suspension that was available for $20 only for the Master DeLuxe model.

1936 Chevrolet Standard Coupe

Both models of 1936 Chevrolet (standard and Master DeLuxe) had similar features such as the oiling system, the ignition or the carburetor. The last one was designed with an accelerating pump, AC cleaner and flame arrester. The instrument panel was indirectly lighted and included buttons that were referring to the oil pressure, speedometer, ammenter, radio plate, lighting switch or gas gouge.

Furthermore, the cars were equipped with hydraulic stoplight, complete tool kit, rear vision mirror, two-beam headlamps and automatic windshield wiper. Moreover, the driver’s seat was adjustable and had also an adjustable sun visor.

New features were specially designed for the 1936 Chevrolet Master DeLuxe. Those features included changing the place of the headlights, adding a new “fencer’s mask” grill or designing a rumble seat that had three windows. The front doors had hinges at the leading edge that were used for both 1936 Chevrolet versions.

1936 Chevrolet Master DeLuxe

The Master DeLuxe Sedan had smooth curves and offered comfort and luxury to its buyers that lived during that era. The new features were the upholstery made from mohair velvet and the cord manufactured from tree-bark. When it comes to luxury and space the Town Sedan version of the Master DeLuxe Chevrolet was the answer. It even offered a large space for your luggage if you were a trip lover. But the popularity of the 1936 Chevrolet was increased by the manufacture of the Sports Sedan and the Town Sedan.

The 1936 Chevrolet is an amazing classic car that was appreciated at its time by owners, because it made their life much easier. No matter if you chose the standard or the Master Deluxe model, you were buying a reliable driving partner. This car has a good reputation even nowadays when car collectors pay impressive amounts in order to own one of these beauties. Passing the test of time has surely made the 1936 Chevrolet car a superstar.

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