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When it comes to the beginning of classic cars, you must know the story behind the scene. After you read all the information, then and only then, you can really understand how much effort, passion and work was placed in these amazing classic cars that shine today at every show and auction.

In the history of car manufacturing, an interesting period of time is the 1956-1961 classic cars stage. During this period of time a lot of cars were built, maybe some of the best classic cars ever manufactured. But at the time, the 1956-1961 Dodge D-500 was among the best cars built.

For the Chrysler Company, the Dodge line was an important phase in its evolution and represented a new beginning. The base model was the Coronet, which was available in all body styles, except the convertible one. The second model was the Royal which was equipped with a V8 engine.

The 1956 Dodge D-500 was a model and not a power pack or a package. This car established new standards and broke no more and no less than 306 standing records. It was a model which inspired high performance and had upgraded brakes, a heavy duty suspension, a 3-speed manual transmission and an optional PowerFlite 2-speed automatic.

The 1958 Dodge line was refreshing. The Custom Royal was the flagship model and it was released on the market with a 350 Super Red Ram V8 and a two-barrel carburetor. The optional features included a four-barrel carburetor and the mounting of the bumper exhaust. To increase sales the Regal Lancer was released. The car was available as a two doors hardtop and you could choose from four possible color combinations.

The engine that powered the Regal Lancer was a 350 cubic inch engine which replaced the Super Red Ram V8. This car was unique because of its interior with trim and door panels and because of its eyebrow trim and nameplates, placed on the front of the spear.

The 1960 Dodge D-500 had a ram induction which used air pressure to improve the engine “breath”. The engine was made by a lot of components such as pistons, rings and connecting rods, which were carefully selected to ensure the high precision when it came to size and weight. The carburetor had a special float to stop flooding on turns. To minimize fuel consumption only two barrels were used for low or medium speeds.

Every improvement made for each component transformed this car into something special and built at a high standard. So, the different design of the wedge produced turbulence for complete carbon reduction. The intake manifold had a direct path of two square inch that could improve the travel of fuel and air mixture. Another improvement was the crankshaft, which was the best balanced in the industry and heavier than those of other competitive cars. These are some of the features that make the Dodge a great example for the 1956-1961 classic cars prototype.

The D-500 was and remains a world pioneer. What made it special was the vision of some people who had a lot of courage, took risks and built an amazing car that “lives and breaths” to this very day.

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