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Fossil fuels will run out eventually, and until then, we need to explore as many alternative fuel sources as possible. We’re already seeing vehicles using electricity, fuel cells or even vegetable oil or biofuels.

But the team at BBC’s Bang Goes the Theory science program decided that even coffee can be added to the list, and retrofitted a 1988 Volkswagen Scirocco with a special system, allowing it to run on the substance keeping us alive every morning.

The project, entitled the Car-puccino, won’t break any molds, as it is much more expensive to maintain and to fuel than any regular model, but will prove its worth in a trip from London to Manchester, where it will be showcased at the Big Bang Science Fair. The basic principle is highlighted in the photo below (click on it to enlarge).

According to the team, the Car-puccino will do three miles per kilogram of coffee, meaning around 56 espressos per mile, for all you coffee lovers. Overall, 73 kilos (161 pounds) of coffee will be used in the 210 km (130 mile) trip. The refueling will take place every 40 miles or so, while every 60 miles the car will need to be pulled over so that the coffee filters will be replaced.

It won’t become popular due to costs and inefficiency, but it will definitely leave the road from London to Manchester smelling pretty nice. What do you think about this novel idea?

Source: Daily Mail

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