2.8 seconds from 60 to 120mph. In a 1,750HP Tuatara

That’s it. The title says it all: there’s a car (a 1,750 HP car) that goes from 60 to 120mph in just 2.8 seconds in the video below. Even more, it might have done the same in 2.5 seconds.

Even more shocking, it’s a 2WD car?

“I got a call from a very excited tuner later that night, while I was eating dinner with my family, saying: ‘do you realise that you’re going from 60mph to 120mph in 2.5 seconds flat in a couple of these pulls?’

“He said ‘I didn’t think that was physically possible from a 2WD car, but I checked and your logger was tracking six satellites during these runs, so this is legitimate. That is absolutely crazy’, he said.

Read more on Top Gear, via TheDrive

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