20-year old son gets father's Bugatti Veyron impounded | Rpmgo.com

As yet another reminder to keep fast cars out of the hands of young people, a 20-year old managed to get his father’s Bugatti Veyron hypercar impounded by the Dutch police, near Rotterdam.

Why did the cops seize the $2.4 million luxury sportscar? Because the young guy was speeding, reaching 100 mph in a zone limited to just 50 mph. Because of the severity of Dutch law, the driver had to surrender both his license and the Veyron to the authorities.

The car belongs to Michel Perridon, director of Trust International BV. As of yet, it isn’t clear when or even if he will get the car back. If he won’t it’s suffice to say his son will have a lot of work to do in order to pay up its cost.

While we can’t say we wouldn’t be tempted to step on the throttle of a Veyron, once again we need to remind everyone that this must be done in a closed track so that you, the spectators and the car won’t be in danger.

Source: Dutch Daily News via Jalopnik

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