200,000 BMWs recalled for airbag issue Rpmgo.com

NHSTA announced that about 200,000 BMW vehicles in the U.S. will be recalled over a sensor problem that may cause the front passenger airbag not to deploy in the event of a crash. NHTSA says that if the front passenger seat is used often, that might cause small crack to develop in the seat detection mat. This deactivates the airbag and the airbag warning lamp and turns on the passenger airbag “on/off” lamp.

The recall, which is expected to begin during late September, affects the 2006 3-Series, the 2004-2005 5-Series and the 2004-2006 X3. BMW announced that the dealers will rework the front passenger seat sensor mat so that external force application to the seat does not cause a crack to the mat and also the warranty will be extended to 10 years from first registration without any mileage limit.

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