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The Citroen C4 Picasso is an MPV (multi purpose vehicle). It’s basically a car you can use for a lot of stuff, especially for driving kids to school and carrying strollers in the trunk (which is very large, especially on the vertical). If you’re a dad who can only afford one car, this is the one you’ll want. I tested a Citroen C4 Picasso Exclusive, with leather interior, 17″ wheels, electric controls and seat memory, “Follow me home” system, electric mirrors which fold down when the car is locked…it was a full option version.

How it drives

Nothing to complain about. The car runs well, the suspensions are soft enough so you don’t feel every bump in the road. However, I didn’t like the gear box. It changes gears very strangely, with a weird bump everytime it changes gears and you need to adjust the speed from the two paddles on the steering wheel. At one point I even gave up driving with the automatic gear box and switched to manual. Honestly, it might be something I didn’t understand, but so far I haven’t seen such an automatic box and such reactions. Other than this, the car works very well, including on rough roads (we climbed a little so we could take photos).

The fuel consumption is very good. We had the 118 hp 1.6 liter HDi diesel, and the average consumption was 7.2 liters/100km (32.6 US mpg) on the highway and 8.8 liters/100km (26.7 mpg) in the city.


The car looks good on the outside. Actually, the latest Citroens don’t look bad anymore (even the guys at Top Gear – Clarkson, May, Hammond – said that, except for the Pluriel, all the cars in the last generation of Citroens look good). A bit boxy, the car follows the C4’s design (big badge on the front, big headlights), and the back completes the car in a way that makes it look more than a simple extension of the initial C4 (like the other C4 variants, the coupe and sedan). The windshield is big (BIG). The kids in the back need light to play, so the panoramic window is huge.


Well, the interior is what makes the C4 Picasso so multi-purpose. It’s large. Spacious. First of all. The people in the back are comfortable no matter how tall they are. Second, it’s got a lot of storage space. The car is obviously built to carry people and… stuff. It’s not a truck, it’s a car built to carry groceries and school supplies – lots of them. The trunk comes with a trolley bag (freezer bag for the type of car I drove), a flashlight and an umbrella (sounds like Rolls Royce ). As I said, the windshield is huge, but it can affect the driver. So you’ve got a set of adjustable carscreens, shielding the driver’s eyes from the sun.

Of course, the most obvious thing is the dashboard. The famous C4 steering wheel, with a fixed center, can be weird at the first drive, but you get used to it pretty fast.

All in all, the car is cool. A little expensive though, because the variant we had was almost 28,000 Euros ($35,000), with a 3,400 Euros (around $5,000) discount. Honestly, if I had a family, I would buy a car like this, but I would give up a couple of things (like the leather upholstery, the heated electric seats with memory), I would cut some things off the list and I would get to about 22,000E with VAT. Which makes it the perfect car for a daddy.

Photo Gallery: Citroen C4 Picasso Test Drive

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