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One of the hottest debuts from the Paris show was definitely the Mini Crossover Concept. I’m not Mini’s biggest fan, but this concept rocks! And the production version will probably be awesome too. Though the concept looks a little weird at first sight, like a Cooper on steroids, that doesn’t mean it’s not great. And that’s not all. Though it has four doors, their arrangement is not ordinary: a conventional arrangement of doors is to be found only on the front passenger’s side, while on the driver’s side the MINI Crossover Concept comes with a conventional door for the ?rst row of seats plus a lift/sliding door moving along the outside for easier access to the rear and for loading the car from the side. And by dropping the B-pillar on the driver’s side, the MINI Crossover Concept exhausts the potential of this opening to an even higher degree.

Another cool feature of the Crossover concept is the MINI Center rail, an universal, multifunction fastening rail that extends between the seats on the centre console of the MINI Crossover Concept. The car’s coolness is completed by the three-dimensional MINI Center Globe, a multi-function display that allows the driver to control all major entertainment, telecommunication and navigation functions, plus speedometer function around its outer circumference.

Overall, we really loved the MINI Crossover Concept and we’re really excited to see how the production-ready version will look like, plus of course, the specs. Meanwhile, enjoy the photos from the Paris Motor Show.

Photo Gallery: MINI Crossover Concept at the Paris Motor Show

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