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Many drivers seek an adrenaline rush every time they get behind the wheel, as you can see dangerous things like mini drag races from the traffic light happen all around the world, but some drivers from Bulgaria, which I call crazy and reckless, have devised an even more dangerous “game”, adapting the concept of Russian roulette to normal… …read the full post

We revealed a few days ago that Mitsubishi is planning to launch its first compact crossover, supposedly dubbed the Outlander Sport, at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show, taking place in Switzerland in 2010. Now, the Japanese company revealed the first sketch of the future model, ending speculations on just what it will borrow from the 2007 Compact-cX concept,… …read the full post

IMSA may be a German tuning company but they certainly know how to present their works in style, like this new package for the Lamborghini Gallardo LP-560, entitled the IMSA GTV kit, which saw the presence of a very beautiful lady, just like any fast Italian sports car should. Besides featuring many carbon fiber body panels, the team added a polished… …read the full post

It seems that before any recent edition of the SEMA show in Las Vegas, we are assaulted with dozens of highly customized cars. But since its introduction, the Hyundai Genesis Coupe has been the preferred target for many tuning and performance companies. One of them is led by John Hennessey, which recently partnered with Hyunday in order to form a Tuner… …read the full post

Sigh, I was hoping that the Twilight phenomenon would escape the car industry, but it seems that Volvo is quite bent on using the hype that the film saga is experiencing and wants to promote its models which are prominently featured in the films. The newest campaign started by the Swedish manufacturer is focusing on the upcoming premiere of the second… …read the full post

Well this is certainly interesting. It seems that a Slovakian man decided to park his beautiful $1 million+ Bugatti Veyron right in the middle of a pedestrian zone in the center of Bratislava, thinking he can get away with it. But the authorities weren’t impressed and decided not only to fine him but to also jam his wheel with a special device,… …read the full post

I don’t really cruise around Ebay Motors that much, but when I did, I found quite a lot of “interesting” cars there. The latest one is this 1966 Chevrolet Corvette which has been customized with a HEMI V8 engine complete with classic hot-rod style blower coming out of the hood.Other modifications that have been made include a chopped… …read the full post

I have quite a lot of mixed feelings towards the Porsche Panamera. From the front, it looks rather good, but the rear end isn’t quite as pretty. Perhaps the fact that I’ve gotten used to how a 911 looks from the rear and the Panamera looks like a sacrilege. Either way, the beautiful sound from this 9ff Panamera more than makes up for the… …read the full post

Say what you will about the BMW design philosophy of the last few years, but I think that the 6 Series is quite attractive, not to mention the top-of-the-range M6 model, powered by that massive V10 engine. In order to make it stand out even more, the team at Prior Design conceived a wide-body kit for the Bavarian luxury coupe. Dubbed the PD550, the… …read the full post

As you all know, today was General Motors’ Cadillac V-Series Challenge was held at the Monticello Motor Club in New York. This is where GM’s vice president and main PR man, Bob Lutz, put his honor where his words were and challenged any and all to beat the CTS-V in any sedan they could get on the market. As expected, this interesting marketing… …read the full post

Well it seems that someone at Porsche will get a serious payment deduction as the company’s three-year release plan was leaked yesterday to the Internet, revealing seven new models and version that will appear up until 2013. Among them are things we knew, like a new generation Cayenne, but also other things like a crossover or a coupe version… …read the full post

BMW has revealed that it will make a M5 CSL version, in honor of the 25th anniversary of the performance saloon. But sadly, before you pop out that champagne and let loose all of the women, the company revealed that it will not be made available to the public, being revealed as “the M5 CSL we never built,” by the head of development from… …read the full post

The Ford Focus RS is the most powerful hatchback in its class, with its 2.5-liter turbocharged five-cylinder engine directing 300 HP to the front axle. But more even is newer a bad thing, at least according to German tuning house Loder1899, which has modified the American hot hatch and added 45 HP to the final output. Among the customizations, the… …read the full post

It seems that another step in eliminating all of the multiple gadgets you own has been made, as Google announced yesterday that it will be bringing free turn-by-turn navigation to its Google Maps service for all of the smartphones that will be based on the Android 2.0 operating system. Currently, the first smartphone to feature such an OS will be the… …read the full post

Well I don’t know about you, but to me it seems that Fiat has released more limited editions of its 500 city car than actual models. The latest in a vast line of special version of the small and adorable vehicles is exclusive to France and it called the 500 So Pink. As you might have guessed, it boasts a unique paint job in pink, promoting an… …read the full post