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Despite the financial crisis, despite the fact that automakers are making lower cash-back offers, car sales are up. Companies are heading more and more to lease tactics and are prepared for financing options. So if you’re heading for a car and don’t feel like financing for it, you’d better go for lease.

Many would say that buying or financing is much better than leasing but that’s only true in some cases. If you feel like having a car on long term than yeah, go right ahead and buy, but consider the fact that for a car that’s at the very least decent you need a minimum of $15.000-20.000. As for financing, you better reconsider, since leasing a car will save you A LOT on a monthly basis because you’re paying only for the depreciation and not the whole car value.

So if I got your interest than let’s check out some of the best car lease deals of 2010.

The BMW 3 Series is currently ranked as number 1 in the analysis provided by Autotrader. All cars have been rated by a set of parameters: performance, exterior, interior and safety, all of these making an overall grade. The BMW stands at 9.4 for performance, 9.0 for exterior 8.1 for interior, and naturally, 10 for safety, all of them making 9.4 overall and the highest rate of our list. This truly represents the meaning of luxury sedan. The current lease offer is not something you would pass by, going at $369 a month for a period of  27 months with $3,594 paid at contract signing.

2010 Volkswagen Golf

Next in line si the ruler of the small car section. The 2010 Volkswagen Golf combines great fuel economy due to the diesel option trim, which is very indicated and highly thought of, alongside with powerful engines crammed up in such small cars makes the Golf carry it’s weight around with minimum difficult. It’s ratings are 8.6 for performance, 8.4 for exterior, a very sporty 8,9 for interior, and once again 10 for safety, making an overall of 9.2. Reliable fast, small, and powerful and at a monthly payment of only $199 for a 39 months period with $1.999 paid at signing.

Our third place is occupied by the 2010 Mazda3. If you can ignore the “toothless grin” of the front grill, you’re signing up for a high performance, fast and pretty well equipped car, with a whole lot of standard features. Powerful engine and high tech suspension makes for fun, aggressive driving experience. Rated 8.6 for performance, exterior 5.6 (that front grill is awful), a well deserved 8.7 for interior and 9.2 for safety which makes an overall of 8.9. The whole “package” can come with you for $189 per month on a period of 36 months with $1.783 paid at contract signing.

2010 Infinity FX

The fourth place is occupied by the 2010 Infinity FX. This car is one good choice if you’re looking for a fussed up, high tech, sporty SUV, but if you want to use it as a family car, than you might want to reconsider since practicality is not one of the major advantages. Sporting an 8.7 for performance, a lower (and kind of unjust ) 7.8 for exterior, the interior is receiving a well deserved 8.4 and finally 9.1 for safety which makes it an overall of 8.5 and maybe yours with $469 per month, a bit spicy bit worth it, for a period of 39 months but with $0 at contract signing.

Feel like getting something new? These are your best bets of 2010.

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