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Last year the resurrection of the Chevy Camaro left everyone in the Paris show room shocked. The 2010 Chevrolet Camaro brought back the true meaning of muscle car.

Let me just say that it simply rocks. Just like the old days an V8 supercharged engine will leave smoking burnouts in the parking lot, and, of course cannot corner to save a live, namely the driver’s. New Dodge Challenger looks hot and the Ford Mustang may be pretty sweet on the V6 model but the Camaro is in a different league. Even more impressive is that despite all these drawbacks it’s still quoted as one of the best performance car in its class. The burning rubber acceleration of 5.0 sec on 0 – 60 mph run will leave everyone’s mouth hanging open.

2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS

Being developed on a shorter and refined version of the GM’s Zeta platform, that is also used by the Pontiac G8 sedan, the Camaro comes with an independent suspension in the rear and upgraded handling performance. The base trim direct – injected 3.6 liter engine packed with V6 cylinders functions just as great and is just as extreme as the more pricy option of the Cadillac CTS sedan, while the 6.2 liter engine with V8 cylinders is a monster. Developing 426 hp this one will pummel you into the seat when starts roaring.

This isn’t exactly saying that Chevrolet has created somehow the perfect coupe performance. While it’s style is very appealing, the car’s retro based exterior and higher beltline lives very little for the glass. Thus the small gun slit windshield create a more difficult visibility, especially when it comes to fitting the car into tighter corners. Another inconvenience is the lack in quality when it comes to interior. We’re talking materials that are not bad, but the competition does it better. That combined with the amusingly small trunk and the lack of a navigation system embedded from factory is making the Camaro loose points.

But will you care one bit? If you’re heading for this car than you’re not exactly looking for a limo. So putting it head to head the Camaro is an indubitably good car. V8 roaring engine, cool styling, decent handling (compared with the amount of hp it has) and of course unbeatable price, all of these making the 2010 Chevy Camaro a must have.

Talking performance, you better hold on to your hats. The V8 engine will knock the breath out of you, combined with a six speed manual transmission makes you feel like heading for the race track more than a highway. The cylinder deactivation feat is quite something since it calculates the amount of power necessary and deactivate unnecessary cylinders resulting in an efficient fuel economy system. 24 mpg for a V8 engine isn’t exactly inefficient.

2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS V8 engine

Muscle car, be that as it may, safety cannot be ignored. Therefore standard features include antilock braking disks, ESP, front air bags and full length side airbags. OnStar navigation with a graphical display in the gauge cluster is a major requirement.

When it comes to driving, this muscle car is considered a no brainer choice for those of us who go for adrenaline filling driving. Regards given to the undefeated combination of huge powerful engine, tar sticking grip and high tech suspension. It’s got enough spirit to give the BMW 135i a run for it’s money, considering that the 2010 Camaro is a lot cheaper than the BMW.

Noise, speed, torque, looks and horsepower if that’s not a true American muscle than nothing is.

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