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Cars are just like wine: the older they get the better they “taste”. For many people classic cars are impressive pieces of art that require dedication, thousands of labor hours invested in their restoration and a lot of care. We all have built around them an entire little world that revolves around a past that amazes us and in the same time give us a taste of the old days we heard about or experienced.

The 2010 classic car shows from California and all over the world have honored the passion for classic cars of both owners and admirers. An important event that took place in California in 2010 is “The Pismo Beach Classic Car Show” that found itself at its 25th anniversary, offering the audience an incredible show.

What can be better than an unbelievable show of classic and rod cars backed up by a seaside location? The three days event provided all these along with great food and drinks, good music and a series of events, such as the Live Charity Auction, organized both for the soul and the mind. That is the reason why every year more than 100.000 people from all around the globe come to appreciate the hundreds of finest classic restorations and street rods.

From the 18th to the 20th of June the participants that set a record this year were able to admire the cars just by walking from the pier-side to downtown Pismo Beach. For even more competition, the organizers decided this year to create the section of “Gold Cars” which represent the elite of cars and are all going after the Platinum Award. The 2010 “Pismo Beach Classic Car Show” granted the Platinum Award to Irwin Schimmel, the lucky owner of a 1926 Ford, Tall T Model. This piece of art is a well built car with a 350 blower motor and a 350 turbo 9 inch ford rear.

1926 Ford, Tall T Model

The best car of the show was considered to be a 1937 Chevy, Woodie Model with the proud Richard Harris as owner. With its impressive color and royal air this car is definitely a winner.

1937 Chevy, Woodie Model

Another important event that takes place every year in California is “Hot August Car Show”. In 2010 the event took place on the 21st of August in the historic Niles District of Fremont and was highly appreciated by the spectators.

More than 300 cars were in display taking people back in time with their shinny hoods and well preserved engines. Among the spectacular we could find Plymouths, slick and elegant on the outside, the ideal ladies car but with a roaring 273 cu in (4.5 L) V8 engine, Mustangs the “power horse” of the age yielding a 289 cu in (4.7 l) engine, the first Ford car to appear in a James Bond movie (Goldfinger) and also ‘66 Camaros that will burn rubber when punched to the floor with their 396 cu in (6.5 L) V8 powerplant engines and other engineering marvels of the age.

It’s a pleasant feeling that, from time to time all of us might get the chance to forget about ABS, ECS, ECU and all that, since half of the people buying the cars don’t even know what all those abbreviations mean, and reminiscence of golden times when the driver drove the cars and not the other way around…

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