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As you all know, the Frankfurt Motor Show has been filled with big announcements, coming from almost all of the big automakers in the world. Hyundai also joined the pack, and revealed the new generation of the Sonata model, which will be branded in Europe as the i40, thus entering the new branding from the South Korean car maker.

The new sedan from Hyundai will be arriving next year all around the world, and will contain a revolutionary design, as opposed to the more conservative last generation. The midsize car will have longer, coupe-like lines, with an interior filled with technological trinkets and high quality, some of them borrowed from the ix35, the next generation of the old Tucson.

Being bigger than the previous generation, the new car will also get two gasoline engines at first, with the 2-liter Theta II MPI already prepared to enter production and develop 165 HP, if it is running on gasoline, and 144 if it is fueled with GPL. When it will enter production next year, the new Sonata or i40 will also get a new 2.4 liter gasoline engine.

Driver assists like Vehicle Dynamic Control, Hill-start Assist Control or Brake Assist will be incorporated in the new sedan, with a panoramic roof and a sideways parking assistance system, that will alert the driver of any obstructions.

With production scheduled to commence in South Korea this year and in the United States and China in 2010, Hyundai is predicting that it will sell worldwide almost 450,000 units, by 2011.

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