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Most carmakers limit themselves to making normal vehicles, with various engines and standard features. But some of them have special divisions which are tasked with transforming regular models into more powerful, more aggressive and more fun to drive cars. As such, BMW has its M, Mercedes-Benz has AMG and even Audi has Quattro, but a new carmaker will… …read the full post

BMW is continuing to revamp its engine lineup, and the most recent model to receive a new unit is the X6 in its 2011 model year, which saw the old twin-turbo N54 replaced with a brand new and more efficient single turbo 3.0-liter N55 unit, which is currently being used by the 5 Series GT. Not only does the new engine weigh less, which for the big SAV… …read the full post

You’d think that problems for powerful sportscars begin when the owner takes control of the vehicle and starts pushing it until he gets into a crash. That’s what usually happens when we report exotic accidents, but this time, a Ferrari F430 Spyder didn’t even reach the dealership from which it should have been sold, and it was already… …read the full post

For most car fans watching Nascar from outside of North America doesn’t really make a lot of sense, but when the crashes occur, you can bet it gets our attention. With last season’s change in regulations though, where trading paint or driving dangerously was banned, in order to avoid any accidents and promote clean racing, audience figures… …read the full post

Citroen is betting big on reviving its iconic DS badge for new premium models, starting with the upcoming DS3. But after the compact hatchback appears, which will give competitors like Mini or the Audi A1 something to think about, the next model scheduled to appear is the DS5, based on the C5 flagship sedan. Besides hearing that it will sport a diesel… …read the full post

Saab’s sale to Spyker was one of the most welcomed news coming from the automotive industry at the beginning of the year. Many fans and enthusiasts were relieved that GM finally reached an agreement with the Dutch company, and that it prevented the brand from being closed down. Two new videos have now appeared, one with a lot of Saab workers… …read the full post

The 2010 Formula 1 season is rapidly approaching its start, and with it more and more teams are getting ready to present the cars with which they will attack the upcoming season of the famous motorsport competition. The first team to presents its car was Ferrari, which unveiled the F10 model at its Maranello headquarters in Italy, alongside its two… …read the full post

Thing’s are going from bad, to worse, to catastrophic for Toyota these days, as not only did it issue a huge recall for both North America and Europe, but it was also forced to suspend sales of the recalled models, over the unintended acceleration claims. Things might take a turn in an even uglier direction, as two new reports indicate that Toyota… …read the full post

After yesterday’s Renault Twingo CC reveal thanks to a scale model, it’s Volkswagen’s turn to spill the beans on the next generation Touareg SUV, which will be formally presented at the Geneva Motor Show, thanks to a set of two die-cast models. From what we can see, the new Touareg will share quite a lot of things with its more upscale… …read the full post

Mercedes-Benz really changed the way people look at its E Class with the current generation, but even though it has a more aggressive style, there are plenty of things to be improved upon, even in the top-of-the-range E63 AMG performance model, at least according to the tuning crew at VÄTH Automobiltechnik. Entitled the Vath V63RS, the model sports… …read the full post

Welcome to another edition of RPMGO answers, our bi-weekly feature in which we tackle various questions or debates from the auto world. We’ve already revealed the advantages or disadvantages of the manual and automatic transmissions, but now we will take on another spirited debate: front-wheel drive or rear wheel drive – Which is better? Hit… …read the full post

I know most of you are getting sick and tired about the issues regarding the major recalls coming from Toyota, but it seems that the company will be expanding it to Europe, not only to North America as it was up until now. According to the Toyota spokesman for Europe, Paul Nolasco, the Japanese corporation is in talks with regulatory bodies and organizations… …read the full post

Mercedes-Benz always thinks ahead, at least this is what you can say after it presented a new version of the SLS AMG tunnel commercial, in which the car, driven by a professional pilot, goes upside down in a tunnel, proving physics isn’t a match to the engineering of the MB supercar. But while the original video showed an unnamed driver, the… …read the full post

Toyota is going from bad to worse in the last few days, as not only did it issue a huge recall for the unintended acceleration issues and was also forced to suspend the sale of the models in question until a solution will be found, but now GM and Ford are trying to steal its customers by offering some very interesting incentives. If you are a current… …read the full post

Porsche isn’t wasting any time, and has already established quite a lot of plans with its newest buddy, Volkswagen, with the brightest example being the shared platforms between the next generations of the Cayenne and the Touareg SUVs. But according to VW group’s chairman, Martin Winterkorn, a new entry-level Porsche model might soon make… …read the full post