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Welcome to a new edition of Motorsport Weekend, our weekly feature where we present the results of the biggest motorsport events in the last three days. After last week was dominated by the first race of the 2010 Formula 1 season, the Bahrain GP, this week we were treated to a variety of events, including the IRC’s Rally of Argentina, the first… …read the full post

For those who really love Lamborghini, this story won’t go down very well. It seems that a property tycoon from the UK, Glenn Knowles, went on a night of binge drinking with a Lamborghini he co-owned with a friend of his. After his bar hopping experience, he revealed to the police that he actually lost his Lamborghini model, and couldn’t… …read the full post

Since the new generation of the Porsche Cayenne SUV was launched a few weeks ago, many people believed that the logical step would be a smaller crossover model, to bridge the gap between the non-sportscar offers of the Stuttgart carmaker. Now though, it seems that Porsche won’t follow that road, citing the impact the launch of the Audi Q5 crossover… …read the full post

In what is a pretty far fetched rumor, it seems that famous luxury British carmaker Rolls Royce will be launching the next generation Phantom model around 2016. Until then, you can hope that the interest in your bank deposit piles up so that you can afford one. With Bentley already getting the new Mulsanne ready for its official launch, many people… …read the full post

Porsche is a carmaker with a very impressive history. From the first models designed by Ferdinand Porsche to the new ones which are tearing it up both on the off the track. But one specific model in the current lineup is a bit more special than the others, the 911 GT3 RS. The RS badge (RennSport aka RaceSport) started life quite some time ago, and… …read the full post

Besides the runaway California Toyota Prius, the USA was also shocked by another Prius crash, which occurred in a suburban area of New York city. The incident involved a woman driver who attempted to get out of her driveway in a 2005 Prius hybrid. The car, according to her report, accelerated on its own, and despite pressing the brake pedal, crashed… …read the full post

Alfa Romeo is betting big with the upcoming Giulietta hatchback. While the regular models will offer some stylish alternatives to the current Volkswagen Golf or Ford Focus, Alfa is also aiming high with the future performance version of the Giulietta. While it isn’t known exactly what denomination it will bear, GTA or Cloverleaf (Quadrifoglio),… …read the full post

As you all know by now, it seems that the recent runaway Toyota Prius incident was actually a hoax, as both the National Highway Traffic Safety Association and Toyota have found in two separate investigations that James Sikes didn’t follow the prescribed procedures in order to stop his “unintentionally accelerating” Prius. We’ve… …read the full post

Formula 1 drivers aren’t exactly the poorest guys on Earth, so they usually afford to buy quite a lot of cars for off the track use. But for those who are racing for a manufacturer-owned team, the company car is given to them for free. This is what happened to two-time F1 champ Fernando Alonso, who won the first race of the 2010 season in Bahrain… …read the full post

The new Dacia Duster crossover promises to take Europe by storm with its low-cost nature yet resilient off-road talents. It aims to further improve the recipe that made the Logan sedan and Sandero hatchback so popular in Western Europe. But while Renault will be keeping the Duster with its subsidiary’s badge in Europe, it will be launching the… …read the full post

Citroen is eager to promote its new DS3 hatchback as a premium model, with a rich interior and an attractive design. That’s why it has recently partnered with famous French fashion house Yves Saint Laurent, and revealed this special edition of the compact model. The YSL DS3 isn’t just for show, as Citroen used it to shuttle guests to a… …read the full post

Hello and welcome to the conclusion of this week’s RPMGO Awards feature. After revealing to you the nominees yesterday, you voted in the polls and now we have the final results of the best and worst stories of the week. Perfect Shift The Perfect Shift this week was recorded by Bugatti, who decided to share with us some more details about its stunning… …read the full post

Speaking during yesterday’s official presentation of the MP4-12C sportscar, McLaren head honcho Ron Dennis revealed to the press that future models coming from the new McLaren Automotive division will only be sportscars, with just two seats. “We intend to have a diverse product range but they will all have two seats,” he said. “This… …read the full post

General Motors, besides trying to make a profit and save face after the embarrassing 2009, is diligently working on new technologies to improve safety and help the driver perform better in tough conditions. One such tech is the Heads Up Display (HUD) system, which has already been implemented by other companies, like BMW, in order to display accurate… …read the full post

Audi has some big plans for the next few years, and not surprisingly, these include increasing efficiency and slowly offering viable alternatives to the gasoline and diesel engines it currently offers with its models. We’ve already seen the attractive Audi e-Tron roadster concept, its little brother the A1 e-tron and the big A8 hybrid, but according… …read the full post