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People who love classic cars had the opportunity to see no more and no less than 500 exquisite classic cars in Canada at the biggest Classic Car Auction in 2010. The host of this event was Dan Spendick and his collector car productions. The event was a real success and the number of participants was around 20,000 people.

The unique feature of this auction was the fact that all the cars were built in Canada for the local market and we’re talking about amazing cars. Even if these cuties might have something in common with their US counterparts, they are unique because of their style, originality and name.

Some of the cars available at the 2010 Toronto classic car auction just can’t be forgotten. Each of them deserves a few words, but some just have to be mentioned. One of these outstanding cars is the 1953 Meteor Crestline Convertible built in Ontario at Ford City. It is one of the 367 Meteor Convertibles, ever produced in the world. It’s equipped with Meteor hubcaps, Ford spotlights and a Mercury 255 CID flathead V8. The car is a rare model and when you have the opportunity to see one, you can say it’s a special day. The lucky owner had to pay just $41,000 for the pleasure of driving it.

1953 Meteor Crestline Convertible

Another classic car presented at this auction was a 1966 Pontiac Beaumont produced by the GM Canada. This car has had a full body-off restoration, had the chassis repainted and the coated cleaned. The 1966 Pontiac Beaumont was sold for $18,500.

The 1953 Mercury M100 Anniversary Pick was only made in Canada and featured front and rear chrome bumpers, new wide whitewall tires and a flathead engine. This car is unique, because it is harder to find than a Ford and was sold for $16,610.

1953 Mercury M100 Anniversary Pick

Another surprise of the classic car auction was the 1968 Dogde “General Lee” Charger stunt car. This car was used in the Dukes of Hazzard movie in three separate jumps and it stayed in one piece after each jump. For this event the transmission and the original engine were eliminated to lighten the load. So, one of the fans of this movie had the opportunity to add this car in his collection and the option to restore it.

When it comes to high prices, the 2002 Bentley Azure Convertible runs the show, having been sold for $134,750. Closely behind, the 1968 Ford Shelby GT 350 Fastback was sold for the impressive price of $85,250 while the 1933 Ford came with a price tag of $71,500.

2002 Bentley Azure Convertible

The event was a great occasion for car collectors and admirers to see and buy some of the most incredible classic cars. I think that if you believe a classic car it’s your dream, this can be the perfect place to make it happen. Don’t forget to check out Toronto classic auction, every year. You never know!

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