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Let’s face it, while the Toyota Prius may have set a new benchmark in popularity for hybrids, it hasn’t won any beauty contests. With some naming a turtle (both in looks and performance), many owners have been searching for things to liven up the car.

Japanese tuning company Tommy Kaira may have just what many Prius owners have been searching for, as it just released concepts of up coming bodykits and aerodynamic packages that it will launch for the 2010 edition of the new Toyota Prius. While the overall look of the car will remain intact, these new kits of bumpers, spoilers, side skirts and grille trims will definitely make your Prius more attractive. Coming in both normal and carbon-fiber flavors, the new parts will be launched soon enough.

Already available for the Japanese market are a set of quad tail pipes, which will make the small car sound bigger. Lowering kits and 18-inch alloy wheels will also be available soon enough.

Do you think that these new bodykits will make people more interested in the Prius? Don’t be shy to drop a comment to this article.

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Source: CarScoop

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