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2010 UK Best Car Lease Deals

2010 has been a great year for car leases in the UK as well. The end of 2010 was marked by the announced VAT raise to 20% that determined dealers to impress and attract their clients with all sorts of incentives like free insurance, affordable finance deals, discounts and many more. Manufacturers like Volvo or Hyundai decided to give customers the chance to swap their old cars for a massive discount on their new car. But even if you weren’t interested in swapping your car, you could benefit from the discounts offered by Renault and Vauxhall for the clients that were able to pay up front.

Let’s know take a look the 2010 UK best car leases. One example would be the lease of a Mercedes SLK Roadster for only £332 a month. That’s a bargain price for a gorgeous convertible offered by FinanceAcar.co.uk. The offer was limited, but all you needed to do was to register on the website and wait for a call from the lease company in order to establish all the necessary details. This is considered one of the most valuable Mercedes models because of its good enough performance, affordable price and also affordable running cost.

The small car segment was also filled with great lease deals. So if you were interested in leasing a smart car, the 2010 UK best smart car lease was the offer for the Nissan Micra. At only £129 a month, this Nissan Micra 3rd Hatchback 1.2 Visia was a lease agreement that many of us would have been happy to sign. With looks that transform it into a charming smart car and a manufacturer that is known for the quality and longevity of the cars it produces, the Micra could not be forgotten by my list.

Who doesn’t love the Toyota Prius and at £267 a month, I started to love it even more in 2010. This was definitely another incredible lease deal despite the recent recall problem that affected the company. The sales weren’t that affected and Toyota has seriously handled the problem. That price for a green car is not bad at all, especially considering that we are talking about a car with a fresh look, highly stylish because of all the glass used and the rakish roof angle.

Toyota Prius

Fiat was on top of its game as well, offering one of the best 2010 UK car lease deals for the Fiat500. For just £167 a month, you were getting this iconic car capable of helping you to easily make your way through the crowded traffic. It’s a cutie on wheels offering enough space for the driver and the passenger along with safety measures and an engine that will keep you safe on the road.

Last but not least, the Vauxhall Astra Sporthatch was another excellent deal at £213 a month offered by one of the top lenders in the UK and also by the manufacturer’s finance houses. The car’s quality is impressive as well as its behavior on the road and the engine that makes it all possible. All these qualities have turned it into a desirable acquisition that for that lease price was one of the 2010 UK best car lease deals.

Leasing it’s always an option if you can’t afford buying a new car or you just like the idea of changing your car with a brand new one every two or three years. And with this lease deals available, who can blame you? I sure don’t, because I know that 2011 will be offering even more incredible deals, harder to ignore and forget about.

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