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2011 Arden Range Rover AR 7 Highlander

Yesterday we’ve talked about the most luxurious Range Rover ever made. Today we look at Arden’s version of the Range Rover, dubbed AR 7 Highlander. The German engineers over at Arden became popular for rolling out some interesting tuning programs for the Land Rover models. The last one offers both exterior and interior updates, along with a 50 hp power increase.

2011 Arden Range Rover AR 7 Highlander

Design-wise, it has a new wide body aerodynamic package that includes a redesigned front fascia (which isn’t very appropriate for the car in my opinion), side skirts, rear aprons, fender flares and hand-made stainless steel grilles.

To get that 50 hp increase, the engineers at Arden fitted the Range Rover with a new stainless steel sport exhaust system. The SUV also got an electronic suspension module which will work in tandem with the new 22-inch Arden Dakar II light alloy rims. The AR7 Highlander offers a high-performance brake system to match the increased power.

2011 Arden Range Rover AR 7 Highlander

As far as the cabin is concerned, the car benefits from a new center console that has a mini-bar and is wrapped in the finest materials available today. The bar has a cooling unit that has a low power consumption. How low? Even if you stop the vehicle it will be able to maintain a constant temperature.

We’ll let you know once they announce the price list for this tuned Range Rover.

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