2011 Audi A7 spied without camouflage, shows massive hatch | Rpmgo.com

It seems that something got it into carmakers’ heads that long coupe models can work as hatchbacks in a five door configuration. Testimony to this is the new BMW 5 Series GT and, in just a year or so, the Audi A7, which was recently spied during testing in Germany.

The model, which will be based on the Audi Sportback concept shown early this year in Detroit, will give the 5 Series GT a run for its money, and might even carve a dent in the new super sedan market, if the powerful engines will be offered (pretty much a certainty).

Nothing much is know as of yet about the upcoming model, but judging by the aggressive looks and apparent functionality, although it might be difficult to open that big hatchback in a low underground parking area, the A7 seems set to be a best seller. What do you think? Leave a comment with your thoughts.

Source: Autoblog