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BMW revealed the 2011 5 Series sedan last year, while the Touring (aka Wagon) variant has been unveiled just a few weeks ago. With it, BMW revealed that it will satisfy European demand, but didn’t specify anything about it coming to North American shores, as a Sports Wagon model.

Now, an official response has been revealed by BMW NA, one which will disappoint many wagon fans: the 2011 5 Series Sports Wagon won’t be made available in North America because of the dwindling sales the current model is experiencing.

“BMW NA does not plan to offer the next generation 5 Series Sports Wagon (Touring) in the US,” revealed the branch, in a statement. “BMW of North America has a long history of promoting the Sports Wagon concept. We currently offer two Sports Wagon models in the 3 Series line and one model in the 5 Series line. Since 1992, the 5 Series Sports Wagon has enjoyed a loyal and enthusiastic customer base, but the current sales volume has dropped to point where it is difficult to justify the business case to develop the new generation for importation to the US.”

Like we suspected, those who want a bit more space in the trunk of their 5 Series will have to opt for the 5 Gran Turismo (GT) variant, which will replace the Sports Wagon with the introduction of the new generation.

While it is certainly a big loss for fans, we’ve been playing around with a 5 GT lately, and up until now, there aren’t a lot of things to complain about. Look forward to our full test drive with the BMW 5 GT soon.


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The 2011 BMW 5 Series lineup is coming along quite nicely. After the 5 Series Gran Turismo and reveal of the sedan, the Bavarian company has finally showcased the Touring (aka wagon) variant of the new 5er.

In terms of style and equipment, you won’t find any big additions to the things already revealed on the 5 Series sedan. The boot, of course, has been expanded, and can now hold 560 liters in regular mode, and a whopping 1670 liters, if you fold the rear seats down. Speaking of rear seats, they are in a 40:20:40 configuration, meaning you can fold the middle piece and transport long objects, without sacrificing the comfort of the rear passengers.

Anyway, let’s get straight to the engines. For gasoline fans, BMW will be offering a 523i version, which generates 204 HP and 152 lb-ft (207 Nm) of torque. The top-of-the-range will be the 535i, which outputs 300 HP and 294 lb-ft (400 Nm) of torque. This version of the 5 Series Touring will be able to sprint from 0 to 62 mph in a respectable 6 seconds flat, and reach an electronically-limited 155 mph (250 km/h).

Diesel fans will have two choices available. The 520d will offer 184 HP and 280 lb-ft (380 Nm) of torque, but will also be the most fuel efficient, averaging 45.2 mpg (US) on the EU combined cycle. The larger 530d will generate 245 HP and 398 lb-ft (540 Nm) of torque. This specific unit will average a respectable 36.8 mpg.

The 2011 BMW 5 Series Touring is set to appear on the market this fall, but won’t be coming to North America, who’ll have to make due with the 5 GT. Until its launch, check out the photo gallery below (the dog picture is our favorite), and then hit the jump to see a video presentation of the new 5 Series wagon.

Photo Gallery: 2011 BMW 5 Series Touring


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Well here’s a refreshing piece of news which doesn’t involve the Geneva Motor Show or the New York Auto Show, BMW will premiere the 2011 5 Series Touring variant at the Auto Mobil International (AMI) convention in Leipzig, this April.

The company already revealed the new 2011 5 Series F10 sedan at the end of last year, and will no doubt display it in Geneva, but it seems it wants to keep something for Leipzig, and will unveil the Touring edition at that location.

Bear in mind that these estate models are extremely popular in Europe, and guarantee big sales with every new generation. With the recent launch of the 5 Series GT though, many voices revealed that it spelled the end for the traditional hatchback.

This is only partly true it seems, as the presence of the 5 GT means that the already dwindling market for such cars in North America is too small to justify the launch of the F10 Touring in that region. As such, only Europeans will get to taste this edition of the 2011 BMW 5 Series.

No official pictures were released, so you’ll have to do with the back of the current 5 Series Touring.


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