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Although its existence was leaked a few weeks ago, BMW finally took the chance to present the new Competition package for the 2011 M3 performance model, as well as a few other interesting changes made to the its popular model.

First off, the new Competition package will be a welcomed addition to the features with which the M3 can be ordered by hardcore fans, as it will bring 19-inch wheels, a lowered suspension by 10mm, and a revised Sport traction control setting, which further augments the other changes. It will be available in Europe for the M3 coupe and sedan, and will also include a new carbon fiber front apron flaps and rear spoiler. The last two elements can be ordered for existing M3 through the accessories program.

With the 2011 model year, customers will also receive an automatic start-stop system, which, if you don’t know, turns off the engine while the car is at a stoplight, and immediately turns it on when the gas pedal is pressed. Coupled with either the manual six-speed or the M dual-clutch gearbox, the new system allows the 2011 BMW M3 to be up to 8% more efficient than the model it is replacing.

Overall, the new M3 will bring some much awaited changes, both by performance and eco-friendly BMW fans.

Source: BMW

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