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While the muscle car wars have always been waged in regards to the top-of-the-range versions, during the last few years, the entry-level editions, usually sporting some sort of a V6 engine, have also participated in the battle.

With the 2011 Ford Mustang, the Blue Oval seemed to have overtaken the Chevrolet Camaro, seeing as how the ‘Stang had 305 HP, one pony more than the Chevy. In terms of fuel efficiency, the Mustang was also the winner, with 31 MPG highway, as opposed to 29 for the Camaro.

Not content with being runner up, Chevy has just revealed the first details for the 2011 Camaro, with the biggest news coming from the power department, as the V6 engine is now rated at 312 HP, much more than the Mustang. The explanation for the increase in power is actually pretty interesting: the Chevy had it inside all along, as the engine wasn’t rated to SAE certification, so the 2010 V6 Camaro is also capable of 312 HP, instead of the previous 305.

Beside the “increase” in power, the 2011 Camaro will be receiving other features, including a Heads Up Display system, capable of feeding various data to the driver right on the windshield. Another interesting addition, especially for those who want their car to pop out, is that the Synergy Green color option will be available across the lineup, not just the 1LT version.

Overall, this round definitely goes to the Camaro, at least in terms of V6 power. Sadly, for Chevy fans, their muscle car still lacks in fuel average and weight (a full 282 pounds heavier than the Mustang).

Source: Chevrolet

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