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2011 is here carrying with it the new release from Chevrolet: the eco friendly Motor Trend Award winning car of the year, the Chevrolet Volt. The Volt is powered by electricity not needing the electrical outlets. It won the annually prestigious award for being a great car, being everything a good car is, except that it’s electric.

All you need to do is plug it in, and it will charge. This reliable car is going to take you swiftly to any run you need whether it’s a grocery run or a long trip. Keep in mind that in case of battery low this car can use fuel, but only if it has to.

Chevrolet Volt

Looking at it from the outside you can see a luxurious sleek looking car.  But it’s not only good looking it’s also “smart” looking as well. Every component that has been integrated in the Volt is designed to get the best out of every battery charge. Hundreds of aerodynamics tests have been made to result in this body work that increases the distance per charge or gallon. The closed grille and specially designed edges add their contribution to fuel efficiency alongside with a sound system from BOSE that has been specially designed for low energy consumption.

Chevrolet Volt interior

Heading for the interior we see that it looks at least interesting. You can get every detailed reading you want with a simple touch on the Touch Sensitive LCD. It can display everything you need, current speed, how much juice is left in the battery, the range with the current battery charge and other feats. Technologically speaking it’s packet to the theeth beginning with the Stabilitrack Stability Control System that include brake assistance and computer linked Traction control, and ending with the Rear camera and parking assistant that also include ultrasonic coverage area for parking.

If we’re talking performance, we have a 150 hp electric drive unit that is powered by… a battery. So yes, you are stepping in your 1.2 tons Iphone and driving around with it, and in style too. The battery is part of a new generation electric accumulators that have lithium-ion cells and can be charged up to 16 kWh. Vastly superior to the current nickel metal hybrid cells that are currently found in hybrid cars, the batteries were so promising that came with a warranty lasting up to 8 years or 100.000 miles. Some of the advantages are that with a charge timer, it can be programmed to charge it’s battery during off peak hours which will mean great savings on the electrical bill.

No matter where you may look, you will see something new. The power seems to be turned into torque and transmitted to the wheels almost instantly and smooth. When it’s using its electrical battery the Volt can go to a top speed of nearly 100 mph in almost complete silence, the noises of combustion engines long forgotten. Because of all these elements the Volt can offer a more relaxing and quieter ride even at high speeds.

And of course like any car that respects it self, it came with an entire set of safety features. A complete set of airbags (8) which are ready to jump from every corner enveloping the driver and the passengers in a cocoon of protection. In case of a crash the Automatic Crash Response feature can activate and alert an OnStar Advisor, that can immediately connect to your car and offers assistance and takes the exact coordinates for your car determining your exact location in a matter of seconds.

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