2011 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 production limited to just 5,500 models – rpmGo.com

Ford has just announced that the top of the Mustang range, the 2011 Shelby GT500, will see its production limited to just 5,500 units.

The measure, according to the Blue Oval, is to maintain exclusivity. In order to bust speculation about low sales, Ford also revealed that over 3,300 orders have been received.

Better yet, it seems that people who want the 550 HP Shelby GT500 want it with a lot of options. Statistics from Ford point out that three times as many coupes have been ordered with the $1,995 glass roof option than regular ones. Also, people are ordering the $3,995 performance package like crazy, with more than 68% of new Shelby GT500 models being equipped with it.

In case you’re thinking about getting your own performance Mustang, then you should know that the Shelby GT500 starts from $49,495, without any option. Also, you might want to hurry up, as the remaining muscle cars are definitely going to sell like hot cakes.

Source: Ford

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