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2011 Lotus Evora Police Car

If you live in West Midlands, UK, don’t try to outrun the police on the highway as they are driving this 2011 Lotus Evora, a car presented at the Autosport International Show and donated by the British automaker to the United Kingdom police force.

For those of you with criminal intentions you should know that this Lotus Evora packs 280 hp under its beautiful bonnet and the car will stuck to your rear view mirror like the ones in the Need For Speed Hot Pursuit video game. This Lotus Evora police car will be given a 2-week trial run on a long stretch along the highway that covers approximately 450 miles, along with a couple of important routes, like the M2, M5 and M6 motorways.

From the outside, this 2011 Lotus Evora looks just about the same as the standard production model, except of course for a few obvious additions. The car now features a very cool looking police livery and packs the standard and obligatory police lights on the roof, grille and a modified interior cockpit.

Regarding the cabin, there aren’t any information about what changes this car has but most likely it will have a heavy dose of law-enforcement paraphernalia, like an on-board computer, a radar gun and a couple of gun holsters.

2011 Lotus Evora Police Car

This beautiful Lotus Evora police car is probably the fastest law enforcement car in the entire United Kingdom. Packing a powerful 3.5-liter V6 unit that churns 280 hp, it has a top speed of 168 mph. The Evora needs less than five seconds to reach 60 mph. The engine under the hood is the exact same one that you will find in the standard version of the car.

Although it is not one of the most intimidating cars in the world, it definitely makes up for in terms of raw power and speed, something very rare for a UK police car.

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