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A lot of Porsche purists disapproved of the Cayenne SUV when it was first revealed, largely because it went against everything the Stuttgart company stood for. From its SUV status to the front-mounted engine or the big number of doors (as opposed to the 911 which has just two doors). Now, British tuning company Merdad wants to fix one of those problems,… …read the full post

Think fast! Why would you buy the 2011 Porsche Cayenne? If you answered to flaunt it in front of your mates and put money in the pockets of Stuttgart execs, well you’re wrong. According to Porsche, customers would buy the new Cayenne for its utility (that’s what SUV has right?). As such, it has revealed a new ad which showcases that exact… …read the full post

While Porsche purists will be forever in love with a 911, it seems that actual Porsche customers are far more interested in the other models available in the range, more specifically the Cayenne or the new Panamera. We’ve already known the proverbial hot-cake status of the Cayenne, but in April, while dealerships were preparing to welcome the… …read the full post

When Porsche first introduced the Cayenne SUV, hardcore fans complained that it’s going to ruin everything good about the Stuttgart carmaker. That wasn’t so, quite the opposite in fact, as the Cayenne became the best selling model for the performance carmaker. Now, with the 2011 Cayenne generation, things are even clearer, with Porsche… …read the full post

Yesterday saw the release of the first actual photos of the new 2011 Porsche Cayenne model. The new looks, combined with the multitude of engines and even a hybrid version will definitely bring new fans to the powerful SUV. Now, the Stuttgart company released not one but six new videos, all focusing on the 2011 Cayenne, presenting its design traits,… …read the full post

Porsche hasn’t really been keeping its 2011 Cayenne SUV a secret in the last few months, as we were treated to both the complete engine lineup, including details about the Cayenne hybrid which will be launched with this new generation, and to a few shots showcasing the undisguised car. Now, a batch of official photos has been leaked before the… …read the full post

Porsche has slowly been teasing the next generation of its Cayenne SUV. But one thing it didn’t account for was an early refresh made to its car configurator page, where all of the models in the range are shown, from the Boxster to the Panamera and, oh hey, it’s the 2011 Porsche Cayenne! For those of you who don’t remember, the new… …read the full post

Porsche has always been associated with powerful sportscars, and in recent times with heavy SUVs and powerful albeit controversially-designed sedans. But with the new generation of the Cayenne, it will also be associated with hybrids, as the model will boast a petrol-electric hybrid version based on the Cayenne S edition. Not much was known up until… …read the full post

While most of you despise the Porsche Cayenne for transforming the sportscar brand into a more mainstream one, you can’t deny the commercial success the model has experienced. As such, the Stuttgart manufacturer is rapidly preparing a new generation of its SUV, scheduled to appear at the Geneva Motor Show in March, 2010. Until then, you can get… …read the full post