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The 2011 Scion tC is a pretty interesting model, delivering adequate performance in a coupe style with a pretty low price.

Toyota has some bigger plans for the tC coupe though, as according to a recent report coming from Japan, a special high performance TRD version might be in the works.

The report says that the powerful coupe might be outfitted with improved suspension, a sports exhaust system and a new body kit for better aerodynamics.

No other details were revealed, but it’s expected that the more performance-oriented Scion tC won’t really require a big financial effort, as the price is rumored to be around $18,000. For what it’s worth, the regular 2011 Scion tC starts at $17,000.

Expect more details in the future, as the car is reported to arrive as a 2012 model year.


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The rumor mill has started spinning once more, this time being fueled by the guys at Inside Line who proclaim that the Scion brand might see the introduction of its first convertible model, based on the newly revealed 2011 tC.

It seems that this move might go along nicely with Toyota’s plans to revive the brand and earn it more confidence in the eyes of the younger consumers, Scion’s targeted demographic. Also, given the accessible nature in terms of price for Scion models, the convertible tC might become a best seller, as entry-level cabriolets currently on the market are in low numbers.

This, coupled with the fact that the Toyota Solara, the only other convertible in the Japanese lineup (Lexus not withstanding), won’t be produced anymore, might make this rumor a plausible one.

We really like the 2011 Scion tC and a convertible edition might not be so bad. Seing as how the coupe will start at $17,000, there is still enough room for a pricier cabriolet that will slot in below Scion’s self-imposed $20,000 price limit.


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Besides showcasing the small 2011 iQ yesterday at the New York Auto Show, Scion also revealed the 2011 tC coupe model. This new generation promises to deliver a more aggressive package, designed to further attract even more the young audience.

In order to do this, a new 2.5-liter inline-four cylinder engine has been fitted, with power increasing as well, to 180 HP and 173 lb-ft of torque. For those keeping count, it’s a 19 HP and 11 lb-ft improvement over the ratings of the older 2.4-liter engine.

Expect a “sport-tuned” suspension system on the 2011 tC, as well as an electronically-assisted steering system. The aforementioned engine will be mated to either a six-speed automatic, with optional sequential shift, or a six-speed manual, replacing the older five-speed one. Scion expects the new tC to return a better fuel average, but no estimates were offered.

Besides the more aggressive styling, future 2011 tC owners will also get 18-inch wheels, bigger brakes and a flat-bottom steering wheel. An optional rear wing, as well as sun roof are also available for an extra price. You can check out the new Scion tC in the photo gallery below and the special ScionDimension web page, where all the info about the new models are available. Also, you can become a fan of the brand on Facebook. While you’re at it though, don’t forget to fan our own website, in order to stay in touch with the most important news (if you don’t, go back living under that rock).

Photo Gallery: 2011 Scion tC


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