2011 Volkswagen Polo Sedan revealed in Russia, coming to the US soon | Rpmgo.com

Hatchbacks are extremely popular in certain territories, like Europe. But other countries always bear a remarkable grudge against these shorter models. As such, carmakers are forced to derive sedans out of hatchbacks, resulting in the so-called notchbacks.

The latest model to join the group is the Volkswagen Polo, recently named both the European and the World Car of the Year. The attractive compact hatch has now been revealed as the 2011 Volkswagen Polo Sedan in Russia.

While it is being billed as a model specifically made for the Russian market, it won’t stay there for long, as it will definitely make its way onto US shores in the near future. Why? Because Americans don’t want to touch hatchbacks even with a ten foot pole, but also because VW wants to increase sales.

The Russian Polo Sedan has a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine, capable of 103 HP. We can expect the same engine, or a smaller but turbocharged TSI unit to appear on the US version.

Source: Volkswagen

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