2012 5-door BMW 1-Series Spied Rpmgo.com

A spy video with the 5-door version of the BMW 1-Series has surfaced this week on the net, but the prototype is wearing so much camouflage that we can’t really tell what’s what.  We do know that the 2012 5-door model will have a slightly wider track, just like the 3-door model, along with a longer wheel base, which means that the passengers in the back seat will have more space to stretch their legs.

Both variants of the 1-Series will hit the dealerships later on this year, and will most likely be available with gasoline and diesel engines, with a rear-wheel drive system. Rumors say that both the 5-door and the 3-door variants will get a more powerful 135i version, but nothing is certain at this moment.

We’ll definitely let you know once more info is revealed. Stay tuned.

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