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2012 Audi S6

Our colleges at WorldCarFans have managed to take a couple shots of the upcoming 2012 Audi S6. This prototype was undergoing testing in Germany and as you can see, it doesn’t wear any camouflage. I was surprised to see that design-wise, it isn’t very different from the standard A6, except for the four-tailpipe exhaust system, the aerodynamic side skirts and the sportier fascias. Most likely, the production model will come with an updated grille and faux aluminum mirror casings.

2012 Audi S6

As far as the engine is concerned, the S6 will probably come with a turbocharged V8 4.0-liter that will also equip the Bentley Continental GT. In the Bentley, it will use a single turbo configuration, good for 415 hp (420 PS / 309 kW).  However, the outgoing generation of the S6 comes with a 5.2-liter V10 engine that cranks out 429 hp (435 PS / 320 kW), which means that the engine of the new model will be more powerful than the one on the Continental GT, because I’m sure that Audi will not roll out a new generation of the S6 that is less powerful than the one it replaces.

Source: WCF

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