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2012 Nissan Leaf

Nissan announced several days ago that the 2012MY Leaf is now available for ordering in six new states: Colorado, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey. While the 2011MY Leaf wasn’t able to cope with the cold weather, the new one should resist the rough winters in Colorado and the northeast thanks to the cold-weather package which comes as standard.

This cold-weather package includes a battery heater to keep the EV’s lithium-ion battery warm while driving the car in cold weather, along with electrically-heated passenger seats plus steering wheel.

Those of you who live in one of the six recently added states and you have already made a $99 deposit for the car will be contacted by Nissan. If you haven’t put your name on the preorder list you can do it starting with today.

Source: Nissan via Green Car Reports

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