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Volkswagen is definitely a busy company these days, releasing new things almost every week. After the Frankfurt Motor Show, the company decided to further amplify the hype surrounding its L1 concept, which boasts a very impressive fuel economy.

Part of this strategy was a new video, which shows some of the design stages through which the model has gone through. But a few eagle-eyed viewers have noticed that at around the 4:37 mark, another clay model is seen in the same hall as the L1. Judging by the overall shape, it is a Golf, but catching a glimpse of the healights and the slightly more aggressive stance, it isn’t the current Golf VI model, but a new generation of it, the often rumored Golf VII.

The seventh generation of the popular hatchback has already been talked about by VW design boss Walter de’Silva which revealed that he can’t even catch a good night’s rest because of it. Featuring, as I’ve said, a more aggressive stance and a coupe-like body, the new Golf has a new pair of headlamps, but is still in the clay modeling stage.

Set to be launched around 2012, it definitely seems that the company wants something completely different with this future generation, as the current one just seems an fairly unattractive mix between the Scirocco and a Touareg. All we can do is fuel the speculation fire. Take a look at the video below and share your thoughts on it.

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