2012 VW Alltrack Concept heading to NY Auto Show

The German automaker Volkswagen has announced that at the upcoming 2012 New York International Auto Show they will bring the Alltrack Concept which is strictly for the U.S. market and looks just about the same as the Passat Alltrack that we saw last November at the Tokyo Motor Show in Japan.

The carmaker says that this model is going to bridge the gap between a passenger car and an SUV, and can be considered as VW’s answer to the Audi A6 Allroad. Under the hood of this model is a 2.0-liter TDI 4-cylinder power unit that pumps out 140 hp and has a peak torque of 236 lb.-ft. This engine is linked a 6-speed DSG and the 4Motion AWD.

He latter comes with an off-road mode which can be enabled up to a speed of 18 mph. for downward slopes of at least 10%, the Hill Descent Control is automatically activated. Just like other 4Motion cars launched by VW, the Haldex-based 4Motion system is capable of sending almost 100% of the power to the wheels in the back whenever necessary or approximately 10% when the car is driven in normal conditions.

The 2012 Volkswagen Alltrack Concept has a 1.2-inch higher ride height, while the approach angle is 16 degrees. The departure angle is 13.6 degrees, while the breakover angle is of 12.8 degrees.

No word at the moment about the possibility of turning this concept into a production model, but if the feedback is positive, VW might come out with a rugged wagon version of the Passat.

Source: Volkswagen via Motor Authority

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