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Nicolas Stone, a young CCS (College for Creative Studies) graduate decided to show his vision of how eco-friendly cars will look in 2020 and created the Hyundai City Car Concept for his thesis (the project was sponsored by the Korean carmaker). Here’s how Nicolas describes his project:

A plug-in hybrid, designed to offer a new interpretation of a compact car, based on breakthrough technologies recently developed at MIT. The exterior shell is composed of new transparent solar panels that collect ambient light, generating electricity. Utilizing a new energy model, the vehicle is powered by an artificial system of photosynthesis. Functioning just like a plant, all that the vehicle needs is water and sunlight.

I remember when I studied photosynthesis in the 5th grade (I think) and I’m sure that if I would’ve said that this process will sometime be used to power cars, my teacher would’ve flunked me. I don’t know how advanced these technologies are, but just the thought that one day these vehicles will be sold in showrooms, is amazing. As for the design, great job, Nicolas!

Photo Gallery: 2020 Hyundai City Car Concept

Source: Nicolas Stone (Via WorldCarFans)

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