3 million 1993-2004 Jeep Gran Cherokee models might be investigated by NHTSA due to gas tank fires | Rpmgo.com

The Center for Auto Safety has just revealed that it is petitioning the NHTSA (National Highway and Traffic Safety Association) to commence investigating over 3 million Jeep Grand Cherokee models, due to their plastic fuel tank being position in such a way that will make combustion quite probable.

It seems that because the gas tank is located behind the rear axle and below the bumper, when smaller vehicles that the big Cherokee crash from behind, the tank might rupture. Adding to the danger that this presents, the Center also states that the fuel filler neck can easily be sheared off during accidents and lead to fuel spills on the road.

While the NHTSA is taking into consideration the start of the test, Chrysler has already issued a statement in which it says that the Cherokee will come out of it with flying colors. Sadly though, it seems that the files from the NHTSA revealed that pre-2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee models were involved in 172 crashes with fires, resulting in 254 deaths, while the vehicles made after 2005 in just one accident and one death.

But in case you’re a 1993-2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee owner, you might want to stay tuned for more news in the following weeks.

Source: AutoWeek via Autoblog

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