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In 2008 in Paris a car like nothing else before it had been introduced to the people that love sport cars and also need a big car for all family. This car is the new Lamborghini Estoque, the first 4 door Lamborghini made by this car manufacturer.

Like all the Lamborghini cars in the world, the 4 door Lamborghini Estoque is the Italian sport car with a lot of horse power underneath the hood and it is also sedan.

We know that Lamborghini is a sport car, made for speed. The most eccentric drivers use this car type, and it is also very expensive because it can get a lot of speed in a very short time. But for people to feel safe in this car, the new Lamborghini Estoque has a lot of features available.

The new 4 door Lamborghini Estoque is a concept that is unique in its class: a sport car with 4 doors. This car has all the elements of a real Lamborghini, it is extreme, without compromises and made in the known Italian style.

This Lamborghini Estoque is a study, a car designed especially for the auto show in Paris. From the first time we look at this car we can see that there is no doubt that this is a Lamborghini. It is a car with unique and imposing presence. The low profile, the considerable height, the smooth surfaces and the sharp angles are only a few of the aspects that reflect the Lamborghini spirit.

4 Door Lamborghini

Estoque is a new interpretation of the philosophy of the Lamborghini design, it is a concept that shows us the trends of the future. This is the first sedan in the history of Lamborghini being equipped with an engine located in the front of the car, integral traction permanent and chassis optimized for high performances.

The name Estoque that was given to this model has the origin in the history of the bulls fighting, estoque being the long sword of 90 centimeters of the matadors.

Estoque combines the qualities of a sport car with the comfort and practicability of a Grand Turismo car. The 4 door Lamborghini is the perfect partner for travel, even if it is about theater, business meetings, golf courses or a week-end with family. Even if it has a very low profile (1.35 m height), this Lamborghini continue to be very spacious and the access in this car can be done easily because of all 4 doors with wide opening.

This type of Lamborghini it is easily remarked by its design. The measurements of the new Lamborghini Estoque are simple and fascinating, with length of 5.15 meters, width of 1.99 meters and height of 1.35 meters. The front part of the car is the element that defines clearly the sportive nature of this model. With the ā€œVā€ shape very well outlined, wide outlets and the aggressive spoiler, this car fits perfectly in Lamborghini model. All the design elements had been manufactured to make this model as much aerodynamic as possible and the optic blocks from the front of the car featured with bi-xenon technology and LED take further the design theme initiated by the Reventon and Gallardo LP 560-4 models.

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