4,000th Lamborghini Murcielago goes to China | Rpmgo.com

It’s a bit hard to believe, but Lamborghini has just announced that it has manufactured the 4,000th Murcielago supercar model, which is a pretty impressive feat, considering the car it replaced, the Diablo, saw just 2,900 models across a 11-year period.

The 4,000th car is a special edition LP670-4 SuperVeloce, one of just 350 models, and will be sent to the Lambo dealership in Hangzhou, China. Normal production will then be resumed on the LP640-4, but reports are coming in that the “stock” figures of the car will be updated once more.

Considering we still have at least 2 years till the replacement of the Murc appears, the number of such cars on the streets of the world will no doubt increase. Let’s hope that we won’t see any of them in any crashes anytime soon.

Source: Lamborghini