5 dead in BMW M5 crash in Florida – rpmGo.com

What happens when you put together an 18 year old driver (possibly drunk) and a high performance car like the BMW M5? Well, unfortunately, you have a tragedy. Saturday morning, at about 3 AM, 18 year old Joshua D. Ammirato and four of his friends were returning from a party and decided to have some fun by doing some high speed on a runway at the Greystone Airport in Florida. However, what the young man missed was an 85-foot embankment at the end of the runway and he flew 200 feet before hitting a large tree and breaking the M5 in two. Skid marks at the end of the runway show that the boy tried to stop, but was unable to do that due to the high speed.

The police are trying to determine whether the young man was driving under influence and if there was another car racing the M5, but so far we have nothing official. Interesting is that the same day the accident took place, Ammirato was confessing on an M5 forum that he had some problems handling the 500 hp M5 and was asking for some advice in shifting gears at high speeds.

Though this young man was reckless and we hope this will be a warning for all those rich people handling these powerful suicidal cars like the M5 to their kids, we pray for the kids killed in the accident and for their families. Rest in peace!

See a video report on the accident, after the jump.

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