74 yo Chinese man fights unsafe drivers with brick | Rpmgo.com

Yan Zheng-Ping is a 74 year old retired literature teacher from the Qilihe district in Lanzhou, China who has decided to take a new approach in protesting against drivers who drive through red lights…he used a brick to vandalize 30 vehicles that broke the law and passed through the red lights. That’s a little odd, but I guess the situation must be kinda desperate over there, because in an interview for the Beijing Times, the man said that during the past 6 months, 6 people had been killed by cars on the city’s zebra crossings.

What’s interesting is that there weren’t any angry drivers to get out of their cars and beat the crap out of him, as I imagine it would’ve happened in any other country. However, what he did was pretty risky and he didn’t get away without a few scratches: “That evening when I smashed cars, one vehicle rushed behind me wildly, scrapping my body. I turned around and wanted to throw the brick at it, but I couldn’t raise my arm as it had been injured.”

You can read more about Zheng-Ping, what made him do this and the consequences in a full interview by Beijing Times.

[Source: China New Wrap / Via CarDomain Blog]

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