800 kids build life-size BMW X1 from Lego bricks | Rpmgo.com

My childhood, as well as almost anyone’s, was filled with fond memories about the Lego bricks and how much time I spend building fantastic things, at least in my mind, with them. Everything from cars, to robots or anything in between came to life thanks to the iconic building bricks.

But 800 kids from Germany were treated to something much broader in scope, as they built, with the help of 165,000 bricks, a life-size replica of the BMW X1 model. The whole project took four days, and was commissioned by BMW, which gave a certain amount of money for every brick used. The replica will be displayed at the BMW Welt (World, in German) convention, which will start in Munich on November 25.

You should also stay tuned to our website, as we just finished test driving the new BMW X1 through some interesting terrain, and the review will be up soon enough.

Source: WorldCarFans

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