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It seems tuning company 9ff just can’t get enough of fiddling with Porsche models and taking their output to outrageous heights. We’ve heard about quite a few models, but the company now unveiled a set of new customization options for the 911 GT3 and GT3 RS, which take the output up to 1000 HP. This massive increase in power is largely… …read the full post

A few weeks ago we showed you the impressive 9ff GT9-R, which promises to output around 1120 HP, and reach speeds of 414 km/h (257.2 mph). Sadly, in the quest for speed, the 9ff team modified it so much that it isn’t even considered a Porsche 911 anymore. In order to make things right, the team has now presented the 9ff TR 1000, which after a… …read the full post

When you talk about Porsche customization, 9ff quickly comes to mind, as the tuning company managed to turn already powerful German machines into rockets on four wheels. While it is still working on its Panamera project, the company has now unveiled the eagerly awaited 9ff GT9-R, which will come in multiple editions, with the top one developing 1120… …read the full post

I have quite a lot of mixed feelings towards the Porsche Panamera. From the front, it looks rather good, but the rear end isn’t quite as pretty. Perhaps the fact that I’ve gotten used to how a 911 looks from the rear and the Panamera looks like a sacrilege. Either way, the beautiful sound from this 9ff Panamera more than makes up for the… …read the full post

The Porsche Panamera is definitely one of the most talked about models in past few months, largely due to the fact that everyone, from Porsche to traditional tuners who modify models from the German company have been trying to reveal the sedan’s sporty nature. In case you forgot, just before the official release, 9ff revealed its first sketches… …read the full post

The Porsche Panamera sure is hot stuff these days. With only a few days until it’s official unveilling in Paris, the teaser shots from Porsche only put gas on the fire which is the excitement of the motoring press worldwide. The German manufacturer’s first attempt at a 4 door sedan is surely interesting. After the loads of spy shots captured… …read the full post

The German tuner 9ff announced the release of the Porsche 9ff GT9, based on the 911 GT3 model, with an impressive promise. They said this car will go beyond 400km/h. Should the guys at Bugatti be scared? Maybe, because 9ff looked serious and they have an interesting history, reaching 381 with a modified version of the current 997. Powered by a 4.2… …read the full post