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AA car insurance is a car insurance company located in the UK, also known as Automobile Association. Its levels of breakdown cover are highly competitive on the market. The company has developed as the years passed incorporating a website and the insurance broker service for some of the products they aren’t able to provide you with. Some examples would be the temporary insurance covers or more special coverage like the one that needs to be provided for classic cars.

According to the AA car insurance policy review, the company’s full comprehensive cover includes a number of options that will make your life easier in case of an accident. You will benefit from a courtesy car that will be provided for you by the company when your car is in an approved repair shop, a three year guarantee for any approved repairs that respect the rules imposed by the AA car insurer and even repairs on your windscreens or windows that will not affect the no-claims discount. Your medical bills will also be covered up to £300 per person or even £400 per person if you are a member of AA car insurance. Moreover, in the event of an accident the personal cover will be of £5,000, but again if you are a member of the AA car insurance the amount goes up to £7,500.  Their service is impressive as well, because there is available a claim line 24 hours a day all around the year.

Aa Car Insurance

In addition to this, the AA car insurance policy review showed that the comprehensive cover can be extended by choosing some other optional features such as motor legal protection, a bonus offered if you don’t have claims for longer time periods, a plan that protects you against an accident’s consequences, involving healthcare as well. Besides the comprehensive package you can also benefit from third party insurance or fire and theft coverage. Evaluate the risks, before deciding.

The reviewers were also impressed, because the AA car insurance company offers special coverage for women drivers, being thoughtful about their wishes and needs. This insurance package includes a replacement child car seat, coverage for your belongings that can go up to £500 if you are a member of the AA and booster seats. The pricing is not bad at all either, because it starts at £190. That’s an argument that will win some of us over.

The AA company also thought about special situations and the AA car insurance policy review also reminds the buyers that this particular insurer offers the possibility of temporary insurance(for a day, a week or even a month) for your closest friends or family members. This is a short-term car insurance that offers you the possibility to add an extra person to your policy temporarily.

Also impressive is the fact that you can purchase an AA insurance by accessing their website www.theaa.com. A quote is as easy to obtain and you can also take advantage of the opportunity to pay online your bills. After choosing the insurance package you need and sign up for it you can print your certificate or you can choose to have all the documents mailed to you. That process should take only a few days. The AA company is known for their fast online processing that also helps lowering the cost for the insurance you need to purchase.

All in all, the AA car insurance policy review states that the AA car insurance company is a trustworthy competitor that offers affordable rates and insurance packages designed to keep your savings out of harms way.

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