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Many people are faced with the “which car insurance dilemma” and don’t know what types of coverage can be found within the car insurance system. One of the most frequent questions that are related to the AAA and what types of car insurance does the AAA offer.

Well the AAA car insurance, comes from the company with the same name. The AAA Company was founded on March 4 1902. It was launched by an organization that had no more than 1000 members at the beginning. The AAA came to be with the sole purpose to assist the driver because of the lack in road maintenance for travelling vehicles. Therefore the AAA started printing road maps in 1905 and afterwards printed hotel and motel guides starting with 1917.

The AAA is considered a non profit organization and has efficiently and continuously offered low priced roadside services that would match any emergency. If you are heading for the AAA car insurance, than you should know something about the multiple benefits you can receive when getting an auto insurance policy from AAA. Getting an insurance quote from them is very easy. You just click on “Get insurance quote” and complete the online form with your contact data.

Now let’s talk a bit about the AAA insurance policy, its terms and the possible payment options. One of the perks of getting the AAA car insurance is that you will receive an offer for a 12 month policy while most insurance companies offer only half that time on their policies. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should enter “head first” in an insurance contract that doesn’t suite you. Always shop around and find the insurance policy that suits you best. If you decide to go for the AAA insurance and also are able to pay the entire amount at the beginning, you will receive a 5% discount. If not, AAA car insurance places at your disposal a wide array of payment options for you to choose from, and model they payments according to your terms.

If you feel you need more feats or other areas covered, AAA gives you the option of getting certain upgrades when you go for their car insurance. For example, one upgrade allows you to rent a car for the entire time needed for your car to be repaired in case of an accident. This can be very useful in case of a bad accident that nearly totals your car. If the repair lasts more than 30 days, other companies will not cover the rental car any more after 30 days have passed.

Another great upgrade is the new vehicle replacement possibility. This option means that the AAA will replace your vehicle in case of a bad accident that completely totals your vehicle. You also have the ability to purchase gap coverage and lease limited payoff. Basically this means that if your vehicle is considered to be completely totaled and you find yourself owing the leasing company more than the car is worth, they will send a check to the company completing the payment, leaving you free and clear.

Aaa Car Insurance

This one is really useful for animal lovers. The pet coverage, as the name says, covers the medical treatment and any veterinarian bills in case “man’s best friend” has been hurt in any way during the car crash. An interesting feat is the accident forgiveness which means that if you switch to another car insurance company, the next accident you may have could enter in the accident forgiveness section. The accident forgiveness can aid you in keeping your driving history clean.

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