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AARP is the American Association of Retired Persons that thinks about senior drivers and their needs. That’s why they organize special driving courses for drivers over 50 in order to remind them of street regulations. As a result, many car insurance companies are willing to offer important discounts to senior drivers that have passed these courses.

In reality drivers who have reached an age between 55 and 65 are usually forced to pay for more expensive car insurances, because insurance companies usually see them as a more costly investment. That’s why the AARP thought about introducing these courses that are focused on helping senior drivers to deal with the busy streets and highways nowadays. It also tries to teach these people how to compensate for the changes that usually occur due to the age in their hearing, reaction time or sight.

There are states, like Arkansas, where insurance companies are obliged by law to offer discounts to senior drivers. But all over America, insurance companies have adopted this type of ARRP car insurance. One of the companies that offer competitive rates on the market is the Hartford Company that has a special AARP car insurance.

This particular AARP car insurance offers a lost of benefits and features that are hard to find elsewhere. For example, your premium will not be increased after your first accident, if all the persons listed on your policy haven’t had any accident in the past 5 years. Moreover, your policy will continuously be renewed as long as you make the payments, you’re fit to drive and you meet a few other requirements as well.

Aarp Car Insurance

If as a senior driver you have a clean driving record, the collision deductible included in your Hartford AARP car insurance will be reduced by $150. In addition to this for each year that your driving record stays that way, another reduction of $50 will be applied to your collision deductible until there’s nothing else left to pay.

Also the 12-months payment plan is another interesting feature of the Hartford AARP car insurance program. And you should also know that if within 15 months (or 15,000 miles driven) from the moment of purchase your car is stolen or totaled, the company will pay for the entire cost supposed by the replacement of the car. There will be no depreciation and the new car will be the same make, the same model and will as equipped as your old one. And if that doesn’t seem enough you will be happy to know that if after an accident the other driver is found at fault, the Hartford Company will cover all the damages, as well as the value of the deductible.

This is just one of the examples that I found to be interesting, affordable and therefore a great choice. But out there the AARP car insurance programs supported by many national insurance companies are able to offer you a deal hard to refuse if you are a senior driver. If you think comparison is a great way to decide you should take advantage of technology and make research easier by using the internet and the websites that offer all kind of facilities. One of these sites is You should also keep in mind that some insurance companies don’t oblige only to the discounts imposed by the law. Some of these AARP car insurance programs offer even bigger discounts as long as you are willing to take those courses and keep a clean driving record!

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