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Weekly or monthly car auctions which sell vehicles that were abandoned on the streets or in parking spaces by their owners are organized all across the USA. Usually all these abandoned cars are unclaimed vehicles and are sold by the local government institutions. Other times, these abandoned car auctions are held by companies authorized to sell cars and the revenues are shared with the local government institutions.

Abandoned cars are usually vehicles that can no longer be driven, but some of them can be restored by investing just a few dollars and with minimum effort. You can also find cars in a pretty good shape that were abandoned for unknown reasons. Before these vehicles are listed for sale, the local authorities do their best to locate the owners, but if after 15 days they don’t receive any answers the cars become part of an abandoned car auction.

If you are interested in locating abandoned car auctions you should ask your local police department and the local companies that specialize in organizing car auctions. These events are usually advertised in the local newspapers so you will find out where the next one will take place. You can also check out the websites owned by the local authorities where details about these events are usually posted.

To be a part of these abandoned car auctions you will need to first register. Some of these events will require a fee for registration, but other federal and government auctions are free for the public. If you want to bid you should know that you can pay cash, through a money order, by credit card or by filling a cashier check. Before bidding you should consider attending a few of these events as an observer for the purpose of accumulating some experience. Like it is said “Practice makes perfect”. For a successful bidding you should also do some research and find out some details about the cars that will be displayed at the auction. Also look into the main rules of these abandoned car auctions.

One of these abandoned car auctions took place in January 2011 in the City of New Rochelle. This car auction was organized online and featured a lot of old classic cars in a decent shape and listed at affordable prices. What can I tell you? There was a car for every taste and for every pocket. An interesting abandoned car was a 1997 Ford Escort with 86,473 miles on board and still running. Its interior needed a serious cleaning, but the exterior was in a good shape. In addition, the estimated price was set at $409 which was quite low.

But the most special abandoned car was a 2004 Volkswagen Jetta. This incredible car was equipped with a diesel engine that will definitely last forever. The only problem with this car was that the local authorities didn’t have its keys, so they didn’t know if the car was in working condition. In the end, this abandoned car auction was a success with eleven cars sold.

Another abandoned car auction took place in Cleveland in June 2011 at the Bradley Road and was organized by the police department. Around 40 abandoned vehicles were auctioned but none came with a warranty or guarantee. The money obtained from the sales was donated to the Law Enforcement Thrust Fund that is used to buy mobile computers for police patrol cars and body armor.

These abandoned car auctions are opportunities of which those with bad credit or with a low budget should take advantage of. Most of these cars can also become project cars.

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